Kiteboarding Locations
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Kiteboarding Associations and Groups

United States Associations

CA Bay Area Kitesurfing Association (US)

CA California Kiteboarding Association

CA Southern California Kiteboarding Association

FL Florida Kitesurfing Association (FKA)

HI Hawaii Kiteboarding Association (HKA)

CA San Diego Kiteboarding Association

WA Seattle Kitesurfing Association

Professional Air Sports Association (PASA)

Kiteboarding Online Forums & Groups


Florida Kitesurfer Group

New York Area Kitesurfing Group

Northeast US Kitesurfing Group

(MI) Lake St Clair Kiteboarding Group

San Francisco Bay Area Kitesurfing Group

Southern California Kitesurfing Group

Midwest Kiteboarding Forum

Chicago Kitesurfing Forum

International Associations

Australian Kite Surfing Association

Belgium Kitesurfing Association

British Kitesurfing Association

Croatian Kite Sports Club

German Kitesurfing Forum

Greek Kitesurfing Association

Professional Kite Rider Association (PKRA)

International Snow Kite Association



Australian Kitesurfing Group

Brazilian Kitesurfing Group

British Kitesurfing Association Message Board

Canadian Kitesurfing Group

Caribbean Kitesurfing Group

Dutch Kitesurfing Group

French Kitesurf Group

Greek Kitesurfing Group

Italian Kitesurfing Group

Mexican Kitesurfing Group

Norwegian Kitesurfing Group

Ottawa Kitesurfing Group

Peru Kitesurfing Group

Spanish Kitesurfing Group

Swedish Kitesurfing Group

Turkish Kitesurfing Group

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