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Spots to Kite on Lake Huron

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Optimum Wind Directions - N, NE, E, SE, S

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The shoreline in Oscoda runs due north and south, so there is good exposure on any north wind. Swells can get big here on a north and northeast. Sandy shoreline and bottom with few sandbars close to shore but is predominantly deep. This spot is 50 yards from the road so I would stay away from due easterly.

North of town, locals call this beach, 3 mile beach. You may park anywhere on the side of the road.

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Tawas Point
Optimum Wind Directions - NE, E, SE, S, SW.

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Tawas point curves out into Lake Huron and is exposed to thermals throughout the summer. This is a great spot for kiting because of its steady wind, shallow water and a large beach. When the land heats it pulls in south easterly winds around 12:00 and usually lasts until evening. The water level is up this year so there are very few sandbars.

Dangers - Please stay as far away from the swimming area. We don’t want to lose this spot since it's perfect for kiting and there are hundreds of yards of beach. Best bet is to park at the very end parking lot and walk over the dunes to the beach, then head south away from the swimming beach. Walking all the way to the point is recommend for beginners and is the safest when just learning to kite.

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Tawas Bay
Optimum Wind Directions - SW, W, NW.

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For years the bay has been shallow, but very kiteable. Along the inside of the point sand reefs protect dead flat bays so it is great for speed runs and loading up for big jumps.

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Optimum Wind Directions - N, NE, E, SE

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Launch south of the break wall when the wind is from the North. This place can produce some giant waves on big north wind; waves wrap around the break wall and are very glassy due to the marina jetty blocking the wind for 200 yards out. Sandy launch area and shallow protected water on the inside makes for a friendly spot

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Lexington Web Cam

Great Lakes Kiteboarding Lexington Wind Hotline 810-359-7740

Port Huron - Kraft Road
Optimum Wind Directions - SE, E, N, NE

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This is a great beach for down winders on north winds. On a North wind drive up to Lakeport State Park and get ready for an incredible 7 mile downwinder back to Kraft road. Playing in the waves the whole way down can make you respect the surf side to kiteboarding.

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Kettle Point, Canada (Information courtesy of Surf Culture Canada)
Optimum Wind Directions - W (Intermediate kiters) NW & N (Skilled kiters)

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On a West wind the waves are flat, but on a North or NW the waves are overhead if it gets over 20mph. Be careful of the shale (sharp rocks) in the bowl area and booties are recommended. On Northwest and North directions the wind is more onshore and the waves are much larger and thicker. The longer the wind has been blowing the bigger the waves will be (I.e if it blew hard all night expect head high or bigger waves)

Kettle Point is on the Canadian side of southern Lake Huron. Just 40 minutes east of Sarnia over the Blue Water Bridge.

Kettle Point - Click to view fullsize image

Click HERE for current weather conditions at Kettle Point.


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