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Lake St. Clair's Best Kiteboarding Spots
Compiled by the Lake St. Clair Kiteboarding Association

Belle River, Ontario, Canada
Summary: Located on the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair, 25 minutes from the US border. This is the spot for winds with a northerly component. North or Northeast winds are the best forecast for this spot.

Optimal Wind Directions: North & Northeast

Here are some quick facts:

  • Water depth in the riding area averages 3 feet and water temperatures are above 60F (15C) from early May until mid October. In June, July and August water temperatures are often above 70F (21C) but shorties are needed as air temperatures are cool with North winds.

  • The bottom is sandy with some zebra mussels. Booties are recommended but most people do not use them.

  • Washroom facilities are found across the river walkway at Lakeshore Park.

  • The beach can become very crowded on holidays and weekends. Please respect the beachgoers and roll up your lines when you come in for a break.

  • Do not leave your kites on the grassy yards of the houses to the west. Homeowners have complained several times.

  • Walk out into deep water far offshore before riding as there are shallow sandbars and the wind is always stronger out towards the end of the pier.

  • Beware of the “ninja balls” in the grass to the west of the sand area. If you are not wearing booties and you walk through this area you will be picking them out of your feet for weeks!
Click HERE for current weather conditions at Belle River.

Driving Directions: Detroit/Windsor

  • Take tunnel to Canada.
  • Turn left after customs, then another quick left at Ouellette Ave. (where all the clubs are).
  • Follow south for 5 minutes and take EC Row East exit.
  • Take EC Row for 15 minutes to Belle River.
  • Turn left at the road before the bridge in Belle River and follow the road over the railroad tracks to the parking lot.
Driving Directions: Toronto
  • Follow 401 West to Belle River Road, exit #34.
  • Turn right (North) at Belle River Road and follow to the traffic light in Belle River (10 minutes).
  • Turn left at the light and then turn right at the road just over the bridge.
  • The beach is over the railroad tracks to the right.

Mitchell’s Bay, Ontario, Canada
Summary: Located on the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair, 25 minutes from the Algonac ferry terminal. This is the spot for winds with a westerly component. The bay warms up quicker than any other spot in the lake during the early spring. Here are some quick facts:

Optimal Wind Directions: West, Southwest, & Northwest

  • This spot has a shallow bay with weed patches and marsh islands. Most areas are waist deep, however there are areas downwind, near the boat channel, that are overhead. Water temperatures are above 75F (24C) from June until the end of September, meaning a shortie or board shorts are all that is needed.

  • The bottom is sandy with some weedy areas downwind in the inner bay. Most people do not wear booties when riding here, but you never know what is on the bottom, so they are recommended.

  • Bathroom facilities are located right at the launch area and a store is located across the parking lot.

  • The water is very shallow at the rigging area so walk way out before water launching.

  • Respect beachgoers as it can get busy during the summer. Stay downwind of boats and swimmers.

  • The best riding spot is the shallow area to the south of the break walled island, past the boat channel! The water gets shallower the farther out you go.

Driving Directions: Detroit/Windsor

  • From the US, take the bridge.

  • Once you pass customs, take Huron Church Road.

  • Go straight and follow the signs to 401 the expressway.

  • Follow 401 for about 30 minutes.

  • Exit at Queen’s Line (exit 63)

  • Turn right onto Queen’s Line (hwy #2).

  • Turn left onto hwy #7 (sign for Merlin and Prarie Siding).

  • At hwy #36 turn right (fork in road)

  • Follow for 500m, turn left and go over the bridge (sign for Paincourt).

  • Continue straight and then turn right at four way stop (if you go straight it turns into a dirt road).

  • At intersection in Paincourt, turn left.

  • Go through small town of Grande Pointe (four way stop).

  • At the four way stop at the edge of Mitchell’s Bay, turn left onto hwy #42.

  • Follow the road straight to the water and park in the parking lot to the right of the road.

Harsen’s Island, Michigan, USA
Summary: Located on the east side of Anchor Bay, across from Metro Beach. This is the spot for west winds on the American side of Lake St. Clair. Muscamoot Bay is shallow, which offers great flat water kiting.

Optimal Wind Directions: South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North

Here are some quick facts:

  • The entire bay is less than 4 feet deep and stays relatively calm (max 1 foot chop when really windy)

  • The rigging area is a grassy field within a cul-de-sac.

  • You must water launch here. There is a 15 foot wide rocky retaining wall between the rigging area and the water. The power lines nearby can also be intimidating so get out a good distance from the shore when launching.

  • There are plenty of grassy water spots upwind of the launch, created by marsh grass islands.

Driving Directions:

  • Head to Algonac, MI on hwy #29.

  • Look for signs for Harsen’s Island Ferry (not the ferry to Canada, Warpole Island).

  • Take the ferry across. $5 covers both the ride there and back.

  • Once on the island, turn left immediately and follow the winding road for about 10+ minutes. You will end your journey at the cul-de-sac.

Click HERE for current weather conditions at Harsen's Island.

Great Lakes Kiteboarding Weather Hotline (586) 783-3112

Metro Beach, Michigan, USA
Summary: Located just off I-94 on Metropolitan Parkway, 25 minutes from downtown Detroit. This is the spot for warm southerly thermal winds, especially in the spring.

Optimal Wind Directions: East, Southeast, South

Here are some quick facts:

  • The launch is at the jet ski ramp parking lot. DO NOT GO TO THE PUBLIC BEACH TO LAUNCH!

  • If you launch from land, you much walk your kite through the trees to get to the water, which can be very scary for beginners. Beginners should ask an experienced kiter to launch them from the water, as it is shallow very far out at the launch area.

  • Riding areas to the west of the launch is shallow for almost a mile out. This is a better riding spot than in the bowl near the swim area, where the water is overhead in spots.

  • The bottom is sandy is spots with some zebra mussels and rocky areas. There is also the occasional weed bed and deep spot. Booties are recommended.

  • Give yourself a safety buffer from shore (greater than 200ft), as the winds are normally straight onshore and very lifty right at the edge of the water.

  • West winds are very gusty. Beware of storm clouds moving in from the west, as the wind can suddenly shift offshore and gust violently.

Driving Directions: Detroit/Windsor

  • Located off I-75 expressway.
  • Take Metropolitan Parkway exit east.
  • Follow Metropolitan Parkway straight, all the way to the park exit.
  • Follow the signs to the right for the Day Sailing Ramp.

Click HERE for current weather conditions at Metro Beach.

Great Lakes Kiteboarding Weather Hotline (586) 783-3112

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