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Lake St. Clair Kitesurfing Association

Lake St. Clair Kitesurfing Association is a non-profit organization developed to assist our kitesurfing community in maintaining a safe riding environment. The association committee will be working together to develop safety and zoning guide lines to prevent the banning of our sport from our favorite riding location and make our beaches safer for riders and spectators. In addition the association will be working with our beach communities to provide improved beach maintenance.
The association committee is dedicated to preventing the banning of kitesurfing from our local beaches. Our hope is that together with our members we can develop the safest environment possible to continue to grow as a community.

Members of the Lake St. Clair Kitesurfing Association will receive a quarterly newsletter, membership card, and invites to member only events, premiers and parties.
Membership will be based on an annual fee of $30.00. Part of your membership will include level one PASA certification with the opportunity to upgrade certifications levels with a certified PASA instructor. With your level one rating you may qualify for third party liability insurance through the association.

Organization Founders
Tim Blanchard
April Mandeville
Joe Bidawid

Advisory Board-TBA
Will consist of kiteboarding industry and retail representatives from the Detroit/Windsor area.

Riders Committee - TBA
We are inviting all local kiters that are interested in becoming involved in the decision making process of the association to forward their names to the founders of the Association.

Mission Statement
Our Goal is to promote safe kiting while preserving and improving local beach access.

The Lake St. Clair Kiteboarding Association is looking for:
Community board and beach leaders comprised of local riders not involved in the sale of any type of Kiteboarding merchandise.

Advisory Board:
Comprising of Local Retailers and local Industry figures.

If you wish to be part of one of the above boards or the association contact one of the individuals below:

Tim Blanchard -
Joe Bidawid -
April Mandeville -


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